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A-Z Shortcut of MSWord

* Text Alignments in Microsoft Word *

* In this chapter, we will learn text alignments in Microsoft Word. There are four types of alignment available in Microsoft Word i.e.-

i) left-alignment
ii) center-alignment
iii) right-alignment
iv) justify

* Left-Alignment:
When the text in a document, paragraph or line is aligned left along the left margin, that is Left - Alignment.

* Center-Alignment:
When the text in a document, paragraph or line is aligned center, that is Center - Alignment.

* Right-Alignment:
When the text in a document, paragraph or line is aligned right along the right margin, that is Right - Alignment.

* Justify:
When the text in a document, paragraph or line is justified along both with the left margin and right margin, that is Justified.

⇨ How to set Alignment?

a) At first write down any text.

b) Select the text.

c) Set the Alignment.

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